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The Trading MasterClass lessons are suitable for both beginners, and experienced traders. Everything from basic candlestick formations, to Fibonacci, to Elliott Wave Theory, to multi-timeframe analysis is covered. Our 5 comprehensive trading strategies are explained in depth with examples from various markets (fx, equities + crypto). Our 3 management techniques are designed to fit your style, whether it be conservative, aggressive, or somewhere in-between. We don’t just teach you these skills, we show you how to tie it all together. And, MasterClass is not biased toward day trading or swing trading – the techniques you’ll learn are applicable to both, making it the most well-rounded trading education out there. Lastly, to top it all off... the lessons are all available in 4K. Enjoy!

Market Insights

Insights is a brand new feature of Trading MasterClass, launching in November 2019. This series will provide our members with actual insights and research into the best positions that we are considering for execution, and why. Each week, we will break down our specific bias' relating to the foreign exchange market, the stock market, and the cryptocurrency space.

Live Events

We host 3-5 live events each week, where you can ask trading and/or psychology related questions, and see first hand how our MC Instructors approach the markets! These weekly sessions will give you invaluable exposure to live trading, and will show you how seasoned professionals create watchlists, perform technical analysis, and handle themselves in different market conditions. These live events are all recorded, so you can re-watch them at your leisure. The subjects range from daily watchlist reviews, live watchlist creations, Q&As, interviews and much more.

Trade Videos

Each month we release a minimum of 6 trade review videos presented by our 3 trading instructors: Irek Piekarski, Jonny Godfrey, and Jakub Prymicz. The purpose of these videos is to provide you with additional exposure to our strategies and management techniques so you can see how they play out in current market conditions. These review videos are complimentary to the Trading MasterClass lessons, and will help bring to light any insights or golden nuggets you may have been missing.


The entire MC Team is involved in our incredible members’ only community, where traders of all ages and experiences come together to encourage one another + provide trading support. This exclusive space is where members can share trade ideas, request feedback from our team, chat with other traders, and inspire one another along the way. Our dedicated Trading Support Team is available, with a very quick response time, to answer questions (beginner or advanced) and help guide you through your trading journey. The MC community is made up of hundreds of hard-working, like-minded individuals – making the path to success that much more attainable. We're all in this together.

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