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Watch this video and more on Trading MasterClass

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Q&A for February 2020

Evolve • 1h 29m

Up Next in Evolve

  • How to Achieve Consistency

    This event consisted of an Open Q&A with Irek, centered around the theme of ‘how to achieve consistency in trading’.

    Discussion points:
    - Transitioning to FT trading
    - R/R, strike rates
    - Capital partitioning
    - Stock splits / mergers
    - Monthly goal setting
    - Using leverage
    - Elliott Wav...

  • Value of Creating Time

    Jonny kicked off this event with a brief discussion surrounding his personal trading journey, and some of the obstacles (and opportunities) he encountered throughout the years. Various questions from the community were also addressed, and some valuable tips and tricks were shared.

  • Lifestyle of a Trader

    In this event, Irek talks about his personal trading journey (which began back in 2012) and how he transitioned from one trading style to the next.

    This event beautifully showcases the possibilities of trading and the different lifestyles available.