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Slack Trade Review for December 2019

Evolve • 1h 11m

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  • Moving into 2020 with Irek

    During Irek’s final live event of 2019, the following topics were discussed:

    Lessons learned in 2019
    - Importance of adaptability
    - Variety is the spice of life
    - How to own a business & trade simultaneously
    - Optimized routine + plan
    - Importance of alone time / meditation / contemplation


  • Reflecting on 2019 with Jonny

    In this live event, Jonny discussed some major takeaways + lessons learned from 2019, and how to move into 2020 with momentum!

  • Q&A for December 2019

    During this Q&A session, Jonny addresses various trading related questions from the Slack community.