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  • S&P at Pre-Covid Highs: What Happens Next?

    During this 2 hour livestream event, Irek provided a high-level overview of what's currently happening within the global markets.

    It looks to be a heavy end of August coming up with various opportunities aligning in FX. The Equities Space is currently decelerating at major resistance levels sugg...

  • Market Update (August 12, 2020)

    Jonny provides an update on the best opportunities for the next 48 hours across all markets; forex, cryptocurrency, and equities.

  • Identify Your Trading Style

    This interactive livestream event with Irek was all about identifying your trading style, and owning it!

    Discussion points:
    • Management approaches
    • Trading styles (day, swing, hybrid)
    • Trading plan creation
    • Backtesting for exposure, improvements
    • Self-accountability

  • Trading MasterClass

    23 seasons

    Learn all of the skills & knowledge required to master technical analysis. Trading MasterClass will teach you the basics of how to read a chart, how to execute on and understand the subtle intricacies of our 5 strategies, and how to approach the markets with minimal risk. Join our live weekly eve...